Easy Does it

Feb 01, 2022

Sliding into the month is the phrase I got went I felt into this month’s energy. Silky, soft, gliding. That’s how we’ll enter the month anyway. Almost stealthily. Under the radar. Before you know it, we’re in it.

By the second week of February, Life rises to the surface. We come into the light and issues and concerns we’ve had will be spotlighted. What you haven’t been able to see will be illuminated. This month’s energy shines a light on what you’ve been hiding in the shadows – the areas of your life you haven’t wanted to see. But this is a good thing. We can’t change what we don’t see.

By mid-month, expect to have clarity around issues you’ve been uncertain about. And with that clarity comes a need to set a course. It doesn’t mean you have to act on what you see but this is definitely the time to begin to turn your ship in the direction you intend to go. It may be a slight adjustment to your course, or it may be a complete 180 degree turn. Either way, it’s movement where there hasn’t been any.

By the end of the month, you will have clarity and direction and you can take a few moments to put your feet up and relax. Don’t miss this lovely chance to rest. It may be brief but it can be rejuvenating. Take a break. Let go. Have a laugh. It’s all good.

As I talked about in my 2022 Energy Forecast, this year is a “6” year in numerology. As I see it, it’s all about accomplishing things through personal relationships. This month, whether you’re trying to get clarity on your life or wanting to relax and take a break, think about who you would enjoy doing that with.


PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Devon Wilson on Unsplash 

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