Partying Outside the Box

Jun 01, 2023

It’s a party! That’s the first thought I got for this month’s energy. I see a lot of celebrating, which is natural for June anyway. Weddings, graduations, Father’s Day…but I think this party energy is in addition to those happenings.

There’s just a lightness I’m feeling. A release. A letting go. A goodbye to frustration and hello to flow.

A couple of months ago, we talked about how a wave was coming that would nudge us toward a higher vibration, toward more love. And how we would be in this cycle for a few months. So, here we are. Still being nudged to open up and be vulnerable, to welcome others into our lives. To put the past and the negative experiences behind us and open.

If we are bold, if we are courageous, if we trust this process, good things can come.

Sometimes it feels like nothing will change. We’ll work and work on these emotional and mental patterns and that will be our lives. Working on…. But that’s us in the box. The changes we want are outside the box. And Life is encouraging us to go there! Trust. Let go into. Release control and let things flow. In that movement, we leave the box and emerge into a brilliant new world.

This is the celebratory energy this month. Letting go into a new world.

Think about something you’ve been longing for. For me it’s love. Even though I’m scared, I made a declaration to the Universe. This is what I want. And not surprisingly, Life has been delivering the funniest, most unexpected experiences to ready my heart.

What have you been wanting? Have you put it out there? How has Life been readying you?

This month, we’re put on notice to LOOK FOR RESULTS. See how things ARE changing. There is an end to wanting and a time for receiving. And that time is now.

We manifest from the inside out. How have you changed inside? How are you different than you were maybe a year ago? Look deep. Are you more open? Are you a little more hopeful? A little wiser? Can you see something different in your future? What do you know to be true about who you are today that’s different from who you were before?

Life is a powerful force. Like water or wind, it shapes us into something we never expected to be. Own who you are. Own who you’re being sculpted into. Life is a miracle and so are you.

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