Getting Carried Away

Nov 01, 2022

Serenity is the first word/feeling that came to me this month. Peace of mind. Calm. Soothing. Are we spending the month at a posh spa? Sort of. The crazier things get on the outside, the more calming energy will be flowing to us for our insides. It’s almost as if you can’t get worked up even if you try. But who wants to try?

This month, we can rest in the knowing that no matter the upheaval and shifts taking place in the world, there is an underlying order to everything. Confident in this knowledge, we can release our grip and surrender to Life.

Recently, Life put me on notice there were major changes available if I wanted them. The ducks started lining up in neat little rows. So, what did I do? I got in there and started organizing, completely forgetting this was not my doing in the first place (other than doing my inner work to be ready). And at max stress level, I suddenly realized how laughable it was that I was trying to direct Life itself when, in fact, all I was doing was getting in the way.

This month, it’s all about Life being in charge. There are large cycles at play that we, mere mortals, have little control over. Best to surrender to the process and allow ourselves to be gently carried in the stream. And not only carried, but to enjoy the ride!

Traditionally, we celebrate Thanksgiving as a time of gratitude for being delivered through difficult times. That’s a wonderful spirit for this month’s energy. Give thanks. Be grateful for what you have. Share with others.

Lay down your burdens and just let go. It will all be okay. You don’t have to stress. Life’s got you. This month, allow yourself to be carried away.

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