Oct 31, 2023

Is anyone else feeling a bit off right now? Like there are just too many invisible pieces of the puzzle swirling about? That’s the way I feel. I can almost sense the elements of Life just waiting in the wings to align…but not quite yet.

When I tap into the energy for November, the feeling I get is that we’re in a holding pattern. I picture being a plane that hasn’t been granted permission to land yet and is circling and circling.

It’s that anxious feeling of being so close and yet so far from your destination, the uncertainty of not knowing how long you’ll have to wait, and that feeling of really needing to get out and stretch your legs!

Or to put it more simple…Are we there yet?!

That uncomfortable feeling you may be getting is the building pressure of change. I got a tarot card reading yesterday and in the position of “what’s next” I got the Death card. That doesn’t mean I’m going to die but it does mean radical change. What was is ending and making way for something new.

That’s the energy for this month. Waiting for movement as the pressure builds.

Now is a perfect time to think about what you want next. And, truthfully, that may not be so easy. I personally find the future a bit veiled at the moment. But there is a way around the veil. Instead of asking what you want, ask what you don’t want. What are you tolerating? What are you so over? What is no longer working? What really bugs you? What are you tired of?

The answer may be one big thing or a combination of things. Write them all down. I often say when I’m coaching, something wouldn’t feel like we’re tolerating it if we didn’t know it could be some other way. So there’s the clue to what’ going and what’s to come.

I often talk about these forecasts as a way to ride the waves of energy Life is bringing. This month’s energy is about pressure and waiting. One way to deal with the discomfort is to rise above and observe rather than being in it and trying to tread water. Close your eyes. Rise above your life. What do you see? What’s the truth?

Another way to handle the pressure is to plant yourself firmly in the moment, as uncomfortable as that may be. Breathe. Feel yourself surrounded by the pressure of transformative energy. Occupy the space for a few moments while patiently waiting for a landing strip to become available.

Where we go from here collectively and individually will take courage. Courage to wait out pressure. Courage to seek new answers. Courage to walk a new path. But how else will we shape a new world? And that’s what we’re doing. Just listen. Can you hear it calling?

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