Still Shining Brightly

Nov 30, 2021

There is a feeling of slight overwhelm woven throughout this month. Though on the surface we try to keep it together, I sense an underlying anxiety pulsating steadily through the month and possibly into the beginning of next year.

This does not have to ruin our “ho, ho, ho”. We can still relax and enjoy the holidays – and well we should. It’s been a VERY full year!

Just know that there are other energetic factors at play as you go through the month.

But, hey, we’re getting used to functioning in a s#$% storm. Sorry. Too harsh? I’m just saying…there are so many new and challenging layers we’ve been contending with. And still, on we go.

One of the themes for 2021 was ENDURANCE: You’re stronger than you think you are. And that has proven to be true. We’re still standing!

This month try to get plenty of rest. I suspect we’ll be processing some of the larger energy currents in our sleep. The more we get out of the way at night, the easier our day will be.

Another phrase that’s coming to me this month is: Put a stake in the ground. It feels like by the end of the year it’s important to claim the ground you’ve made so you can go from here next year without backsliding. Last month I talked about untangling big issues from the past for the last time. Put a stake in the ground. Commit to being done with the past.

I spoke in my coaching group about how emotional issues can become distractions that keep you from standing in your greatness. This month, we have the opportunity to say, “Enough!” We’re moving on. We’re finally getting to what’s important.

So. Here we’ve been, and on we go. This month, let’s celebrate standing strong, standing together and shining brightly no matter.

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Tony Ross on Unsplash

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