Jan 03, 2023

Welcome to 2023. The phrase that came to me for January is: Off to the races. Considering the theme I got for this year was FAST AND FABULOUS, I think we’re looking at a quick start coming out of the gate from the holidays.

But it’s nothing we can’t handle. The message I’m getting is that things will happen quickly, not rushed. It’s just a matter of getting quick results to what we’re thinking and asking for.

That means we’ll benefit from focusing on what we desire so what we create is what we want.  

This month is also about setting some healthy practices for self-care. We’ve been through some rough times over the past few years and now it’s time to recover. More than exercise routines and hopeful new diets, think about what you need. What is your body calling for? Your heart? Your mental state? What’s in a state of ill-repair and what can you do to repair it? How can you love yourself and care for yourself like you would care for a weary friend?

The energy this month is meant to support us in building a foundation for the months to come. Even though things will manifest quickly, there is also room to slow down and go within, to contemplate and consider your life. It’s time to build heathy relationships in all areas of your life. What you put in, you should get out. Energy you expend should come back to you in some form.

Reciprocity is key to strong connections. Look around. Are there situations or people where reciprocity is falling short? Are there relationships in which you expend a lot of energy but get very little in return? It doesn’t mean the relationships have to go but it may mean you need to speak up or do less.

This month, there is much to be thankful for. Rather than being thankful because things could always be worse, let’s give thanks that we are here. We are present in the world. We have the opportunity to make a difference even in small ways. And even more than that, let us be thankful that we are doing it together.

Have a wonderful month.

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Photo by Ella Arie on Unsplash

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