Every Little Thing's Gonna Be Alright

May 08, 2023

Calming. That’s the feeling I got touching into this month’s energy. Like a soothing, calming balm. Like all the anxiety and stress of the past unwinding, slowing, easing.

Call me crazy, but it almost seems like it will be hard to get worked up this month (not that we want to). Within this calm energy there is a certainty and assurance that all is well. At least for now.

One of the themes for this year is Take Good Care of Yourself. And I spoke about that as a sort of recovery from previously stressful times. I know that, for the most part, we’ve moved past the trauma of Covid but our hearts and bodies need time to recover.

This month’s energy feels specifically conducive for that. In August, I’m taking a group to the desert for a retreat. So, I’ve been thinking about desert energy. It’s dry. Like a sponge, it drains out of us anything that needs to go. As I described it to a friend: “purification by desert.”

That’s the feeling I get about this month’s energy. It’s soothing and cleansing, emptying our emotional trash.

If you’ve felt like you’d just like a break from daily worries or pressures, you’re in luck. Relax into the flow of May. I drew a card from the tarot and the message had to do with sharing resources, generosity, support, reciprocity. The message here is: Help is all around you. What resources and support have you overlooked? Where have you been pouring a lot of energy without being open to Life bringing you something in return?

Ease. Hope. Release. Prayer. These are all words popping into my head. Give some thought to what would ease your worries. Then ask the Universe for it. Write it down even. Only you know what that might be. It could be something physical like money. Or it might be something more subtle like companionship, escape, joy, play. Only you know. Only you can ask.

Bottom line, this month we’re surrounded by calming, soothing energy. Wade into it. Soak in it. Relax into it. For now, every little thing’s gonna be alright. If you need help getting into that space, try a singalong with Bob Marley. It’ll do wonders for your soul.

Have a chill month!

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