Send in the Wrecking Ball

Feb 01, 2021

When I looked into the energy for February, I came up against a wall. As if there was something hidden behind it and no one was to see it. Interesting. 

I’ve come across walls like this doing past life readings. It usually means that the person put the wall up because they were ashamed of something or the memory was too painful. Either way, the wall was there to keep me out!

But with a little assurance and some energetic work, I can usually get the wall to come down and offer healing for the painful memory. And that’s what happened with the energy for February.

This month, we’ll see things about ourselves and others that may not be so pleasant to look at. BUT don’t look away. Healing comes when we see the truth. As they say, the truth shall set you free, right? 

The thing I like to remember about “shame” is that if we had known how to do it differently at the time we probably would have. And so, bottom line is…at the time we did the best we could. When we realize that, we can forgive ourselves for not knowing any better. Bless, bless and move on!

On a collective level, my sense is that a protective wall is going to come down this month and something will be revealed that may blow our minds. Or at least the truth will finally be formally acknowledged. Then we can put the past behind us and move on together. 

Life is stressful these days and I’m reminded this month that self-care is essential. What are you doing to take care of your body? Your mind? Your heart? Your soul? 

You might want to take just a minute and write down one thing you can do for each. Mine are to spend a few minutes each day…BODY: in the sun or fresh air. MIND: to clear my mind and let it rest. HEART: thinking of loving connections I have. SOUL: offering a blessing and receiving a blessing.

What we thought was a sprint last March has turned into a marathon. What are you doing for yourself and those you love to relieve pressure? Below are just a few tips I’ve adapted from an article from @RunnersWorld by Ashley Matteo called 10 Expert Tips to Beat Mental Boredom During a Marathon. 

Break down the Distance – Chunk it down to a month at a time instead of coping until herd immunity is achieved. What can you accomplish this month?

Pick up the pace – When lethargy sets in, instead of finding another TV show to binge, try getting more active even for a few minutes. It will wake up your brain!

Focus on someone else – Who else in your circle needs cheering on to get across the finish line?

Know why you’re running – What do you get out of bed for in the morning? For whom? Let that purpose fuel your day.

This month is about self-care and walls coming down. Just what we need to break through and keep going! You can do this!

Excerpts from Ashley Matteo’s 10 Expert Tips to Beat Mental Boredom During a Marathon. You can read all 10 tips here

Break Down the Distance – Focus on getting through a month at a time rather than coping for who knows how long until there’s herd immunity.

Pick up the Pace – I like this one. Instead of giving way to the lethargy, Matteo quotes another runner who says “if I pick up the pace, it forces my mind and body to push out of the boredom or mental fatigue and become actively engaged again in the pursuit.” Even a 30-second speed interval may give you enough of an energy surge to put you back in the game.

Focus on Someone Else – Who can you cheer on? “When we try and help out someone else, we also help out ourselves. It’s after encouraging and cheering on someone else that we can get our second wind,” says Rob Bell, Ph.D., a sport psychologist and mental toughness coach.

Know Why You’re There – “Everyone has a reason why they sign up for a marathon—a reason, a cause, or people,” says Melanie Kann, an RRCA-certified running coach for New York Road Runners. “The night before the race, I have my runners write those names or reasons down on a small piece of paper, and place it inside their shoe, under the sock liner or insole. Then, when the going gets tough during the race, they will know that these people or things are literally carrying their feet through those last hard miles.”  The same can be said for why we get out of bed in the morning. Know why you’re getting up and who you’re getting up for.

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