Fresh Eyes. Fresh Start!

Aug 01, 2022

The words joy and elation sprang to mind when I tapped into this month’s energy. There’s a feeling of freedom from the past worries. A letting go of what’s no longer relevant. And, with that, comes the opportunity to make new decisions going forward.

This month’s energy completely supports us going in a new direction. It’s like: I once was lost, but now I’m found. This month there’s a clarity we haven’t been able to achieve. A freedom to try something new, be someone different, live some other way.

It’s a revelation.

Normally I would ask, “What have you been longing for?” But even that’s not relevant right now. It’s as if the pieces of the puzzle have completely rearranged themselves, offering completely new picture.

The phrase fresh start comes to mind. Don’t be afraid to release old ideas or situations you’ve been trying to make work. Or old relationships you’ve been trying to salvage. Whether you let go of the relationship or let go of what the relationship has been, it’s time to let go.

Where in your life has there been a log jam? Where have you felt stuck? Money? Health? Appearance? Love? Work? Happiness? Creativity? What hasn’t been moving?

How has being stuck in that area served you? How has not taking action or not having movement kept you safe? Maybe you don’t have to find out if you’ll succeed or fail. Maybe it’s provided you with an excuse to avoid uncomfortable situations. In my coaching, we talk about that as a negative payoff.

To free yourself and move on this month, think about the risk of moving forward, branching out, being seen, taking a chance. Would you rather play it safe and stay stuck or take a chance and live a little? It’s up to you.

A joyful and elated future await us now. Let go, say yes and fly!

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