Get on the Love Train

Mar 31, 2023

When I tapped into the energy for April, I saw a span of more than one month. It looks like the cycle we’re starting is going to last into the first half of May as well. And then it intertwines with another cycle that begins in May and goes through September. I’m guessing this relates to something astrological. Let’s look at what these cycles are about.

The first one starts this month and is about love. Plain and simple. It’s about all aspects of love. Friendship, relationships, compassion, community. It’s the BIG love that encompasses everything.

So, what does this mean for us? It’s about breaking ties with whatever is not aligned with love. Anything that’s creating hurt or pain. Any limiting thoughts. Anything that’s not empowering or encouraging.

This is a serious wave of energy with significant impact. We are being invited to join the love train. It’s a movement. An opportunity for massive growth.

I don’t know if there are solar flares or what, but I see this energy as something like a series of pulses that, at first, tap us, then nudge us, then push us into a higher vibration. Get on the love train!

Love is wholeness. It’s about removing the barriers that keep us separate. Where in your life have you been holding yourself back from love? From connection? From unity? Often, we do this out of fear because of a past experience. We were hurt then and we won’t be hurt again.

We are put on notice this month not to let the past rule the present. You are not the same person you were back then. Presumably, you are older and wiser.

This month and into May, it’s about risking it all for love. Whether it’s just a kind word to a neighbor or taking the leap and declaring your love for someone. Or anything in between including choices you make because you love yourself.

We are being asked to open our hearts and let love in. To be vulnerable and say how we feel. To give voice to what we need, even if we only say it to ourselves.

This looks to be an extended cycle of growth and evolution for us all. Our part individually is to be vulnerable, open our hearts, express care/hope/kindness/love, and take it in. Where in your life have you been protecting yourself? And where might you long to be conquered?

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