Go Toward Something

May 01, 2024

There’s a bit of a somber feeling in the energy for this month. At least at the start of the month. It feels like it might be carrying over from the end of April. Maybe you felt it. I’m not sure I did. I may have felt a bit energetically overwhelmed and, I guess, that’s part of this serious energy. The message seems to be stay focused, pay attention.

Another word that comes to me is outworking. We seem to be at a pivot point in our individual and collective journeys. Likely there will be a critical point this month where decisions or choices are made that determine direction. And that direction, though it may seem small, may have a big impact on what comes next.

That may sound cryptic but take a moment and think about the direction you’re headed in for some aspect of your life - maybe job, relationship, money, home, health. Have you been thinking about it being different? Has it been creating stress in your life. Are you feeling unfulfilled? Or is something falling apart or breaking down and your inclination is to try to hold it together?

This is your pivot point. And if it hasn’t revealed itself just yet, keep this in mind for the rest of the month.

The message I get is choose joy. Choose fulfillment. When I was at a crossroad, my mother used to say: Go toward something, not away from something. And that’s served me well over the years. When I’m trying to make a decision I ask myself if there’s something I’m drawn to or just something I don’t want to face or something I just want to get away from.

Something is trying to work out in your life to bring you more joy – a sacred outworking. Go toward it. Allow yourself to be drawn past the fear into the mystery and toward the joy. In this way, you will be in the flow supported by Life and your life will be enlivened.  I’ll meet you there!

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