Gratitude's the Attitude

Jun 02, 2024

The first thing I got when I tapped into this month’s energy was summer fun. I saw pool parties, fun floats, and drinks with umbrellas. I know not everyone will feel it, but there’s also a heaviness in the air. These are mixed times. And, this month, it feels like we’ll experience a “life sandwich.” Layers of good, sandwiched between some heaviness, some fun and some challenges.

This is no longer a time of innocence. The world is being pulled in many directions. I laid in bed last night and wondered if what I was feeling was the multiplicity of hardships in the world.

I worry sometimes that my forecasts aren’t “cheerful” enough and people will go elsewhere for “better news.” But then I think about a podcast I listen to that’s about speaking the truth – “no blowing smoke or sunshine.” And I know that’s what I want. Reality.

Seeing the world as it is – at least through our own eyes – allows us to take the first step toward conscious living. Start where you are. Be honest with yourself.

I won’t go on to list all of the situations taking place in the world. I’m sure you’re aware. What comes to me this month is gratitude. Gratitude for what we have, for how we live, for what we know and for who we are. Even in the hardships of our own lives, we are blessed.

This month, in our planet Earth sandwich, let’s make an effort to recognize our riches both at the pool party and in the deep of night when we cannot sleep. A few months ago, our theme was “Get Off the Seesaw.” And the advice was to maintain a balance and not get caught in the day-to-day highs and lows. This is good. That is bad. That continues to apply this month. Ride somewhere in the middle as much as you can, still taking pleasure in the joy, but acknowledging that it’s all just Life - good, bad and otherwise.

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