Guess What's Coming Up

Mar 01, 2023

The words that came to me as I tapped into this month’s energy were winter wonderland. Now, I admit that could be because I was looking out at a fresh layer of fluffy snow. But, despite the distraction, I’m pretty sure that’s still the message.

What’s coming to me is that, like a fresh layer of snow, the energy this month casts everything in a fresh, new light.

The other word that comes to me is hunger. It feels like there’s a hunger for something even though we might not be able to put our fingers on it.


It may be that we’re just tired of what we’ve had. It feels like some of what we’ve had has worn thin. It’s frayed around the edges. Because of the circumstances over the past few years, we’ve been forced to sort of mark time in some areas of our lives. And now we’re ready for a change. A refresh.

And like the spring energy, the shoots of something new are trying to push through to the surface and make themselves known.

The hard part about this energy is the waiting. You can almost feel the new growth, but not just yet. It’s there but then it’s not. It’s close but then it’s gone again.

As we know, Spring will come. Buds will adorn the trees. Flowers will push up through the ground. And Winter will become a memory.

So it is in our lives. Changes start within and then reveal themselves in the outer world. But along the way, we may only catch glimpses, thoughts, ideas, until the full momentum is there for change.

So, this month, we are to continue last month’s theme of dreaming big. And we must be diligent about holding space for the new to appear. There may be moments of bliss as we catch a glimpse of new possibilities. And moments of frustration feeling stuck in the past.

Change is coming. New possibilities will be revealed. Your life will bloom. So, ready the way. One of the five energy themes for this year is TRAVEL LIGHTLY. This month is a great time to clear the clutter and lighten the load both internally and externally.

The ground is being laid for fresh and new. Be patient. Be dreaming. Be ready.


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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