Heart Callings

Jan 31, 2024

Welcome to February. The first word I got when I touched into the energy for the month was longing. I get the feeling that this has something to do with our hearts. And isn’t that perfect during the month of love?

I’ve talked briefly about how I see this year as The Year of the Pivot. And that means shifting and changing things in our lives. Building on and expanding what we already have. So, this month we’re being encouraged to have a conversation with our hearts. What are we longing for? What is left to do? What else do we desire? What has been missing?

These are the questions we must ask ourselves this month and then we must listen. There’s no point in asking the question if we don’t listen for the answer. Maybe you feel like your life is perfect – nothing to change. And if that’s the case, great! But for others, you may feel as if a shift is in order. It could be just a tweak or a complete overhaul. It’s up to you.

Sometimes we’re afraid to admit that something needs to change because that means things will change. Sometimes we avoid change because we’re worried about how it will affect others. And sometimes we avoid change because that means we have to step into the unknown.

Ways we avoid change include not focusing on the issue aka avoiding it. Or saying, “I don’t know.” We’ve been talking in the Shift System Mastery Group about putting what we want out in front of us everyday so we stay focused on it. As you know, what you focus on you create. And then holding ourselves accountable for the steps needed to make that shift.

This month, the heart longs to be heard. Spend some quiet time with yourself whether it’s in meditation, journaling or just doing the dishes or going for a walk. If you listen, it will speak. I recently read this line: Do not allow your talents to lie dormant. And I would say that goes for our dreams as well. We have but one life to live. Will you find the courage to color in all the spaces or leave sections of your picture empty?

This month, love others, but also love yourself enough to make time to dream!

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