Holding Steady

Sep 03, 2022

All’s quiet on the western front. That’s the feeling I get as I look over this month’s energy.

Things are quiet…for now. But it feels like a stillness in the midst of a storm. I know that doesn’t sound good. But don’t stop reading just yet. Let me explain.

This storm is not about minor issues. It’s about issues on the global stage. Most of us will be spectators to these larger affairs, to this time of karmic “comeuppance”. Retribution long overdue. A cosmic boomerang if you will. The “going around” is coming “back around.”

It may take a couple of months to play out, but it feels to me like the Universe is not messing around.

The message I get is: If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Again, most likely this is not about any of us. Our job is to hold the space for what’s to come.

The atmosphere this month may get tense. With that in mind, eat light, travel light. Put only the minimum you can on your metaphoric plate this month so you can handle the intensity around you. The feeling is only temporary and will pass soon enough.

In the midst of all that, I also feel like luck is in the air this month. There may be some good surprises, things working out, magic happening where you least expect it. What part of your life has been stuck or needs a boost? Money? Love? Health? Expect something unexpected to ease the way.

The energy this month may be intense, but intensity births change. Be sure to breathe, stretch, relax when you can, eat healthy, and love the people around you. When we're here for each other, life is just brighter.

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