Jul 01, 2022

If ever we needed an upbeat forecast, it’s now. And that’s exactly what we got!

Things have been energetically challenging over the last while. But this month, get ready, because things are looking up, my friends!

There’s a buoyancy in the air – a lightness that carries us through the day. This month is about just plain old feeling good. Happy. Light.

Did we hit bottom? Is it possible?

I get the image of jumping into the pool, touching the bottom and pushing off toward the surface. And that’s the feeling I get this month. So, yes, I think we may have hit bottom and are on our way up. At least, for now.

This month, it’s time to recreate memories of play from childhood. Fun food, fun games, good friends, fireworks and that awesome feeling of summer freedom. There’s not much that won’t wait until tomorrow or even next month. For now, think fun drinks and happy thoughts. (Check out these easy recipes from my friend Elaine’s blog.)

Money is another thing that will look better this month. While it may not be a permanent fix for anyone struggling with finances, the pressure will ease this month giving you another opportunity to relax and enjoy.

Same goes for health. This month there’s a reprieve from health concerns you might be having whether solutions start showing up or symptoms are reduced.

Basically, anything and everything you might have been worried about will look better this month. And sometimes all it takes is being able to let go of the pressure in order to see a new way through.

Yes, there are some larger cycles at play (see below) and we can’t lose sight of those. But it doesn’t mean we can’t take a break and enjoy this summer month. Cheers!

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