It's a Puzzle

Mar 04, 2024

Surprisingly, the feeling that came to me when I tapped into this month’s energy is worry. It seems a lot of events in our lives or situations or thoughts are coming to a head this month and up till the moment they clarify we may feel a sense of concern or angst.

But worry not. Most likely it’s the separate pieces of the puzzle that don’t make sense on their own and so we feel uneasy. But rest assured, the pieces will come together and bring clarity and along with that, peace and assurance about whatever is happening.

There continues to be a strong sense of redirection. I’ve been calling it a pivot. This month, with the vibrant spring energy, our new directions receive a boost. Up till now, it may have felt like you were carrying things on your own. Toward the end of this month, there should be a sense of support and alignment that’s been missing up till now. The load is lifted. Things are about to get easier, most likely come April and May.

Spring is a time for new beginnings. In this “3” month of an “8” year, we should see creative outcomes to situations, hopes and dreams that have been percolating over the last while. And these creative outcomes lead to more foundational fresh starts. What have you been longing for, dreaming about, wanting for? Watch for signs that things are beginning to come to fruition. The path may be long, but the way will now be made clear.

Like the tiny buds breaking through the ice and the determined flowers poking their heads up through the snow, be bold, be brave, be strong this month. Push forward and what you desire will soon see the light of day and bloom and grow.

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