It's a Wonder

Dec 01, 2022

The first word that came to me when I touched into this month’s energy is wonder. The wonder of it all. We’re beginning to see that there is a larger design to everything that’s happening. What at first may seem negative, ends up being positive.

I was watching a TV show the other day and one of the characters said something like, Think of the worst thing that’s happened to you, then see how that ended up being the best thing.

That’s the energy this month. Seeing past what seems negative to how it may actually serve you in moving forward in your life or helping you to find more joy and happiness.

The energy of wonder shows up in other ways this month, too. Wonder and awe. Miracles happening all around us. The wonder of the body healing itself. The wonder of sight, love, nature, birth, death.

And on the heels of that comes gratitude for the many wonders in our lives.

This month, think about what you struggle with emotionally and how the circumstances in your life might be helping you to grow beyond the struggle. Then think about all the ways Life provides for you. If you feel lonely, look around for how Life might be helping you learn to feel more comfortable with companionship. If money is an issue, ask yourself what lessons you might learn there.

This month is clearly about expansion, growth, love and more love. Wonder opens the heart and soul. In wonder, we throw our arms open to embrace more of life. We say: Welcome. Affect me. Open me. Transform me. Awaken me.

Life is picking up speed. We’ll talk more about that in my 2023 reading. But for now, it’s enough to say, get on board. Go with the flow. Life is not waiting for us anymore. It’s on the move! Say yes, yes and hell YES! Go FORWARD and don’t look back.

This month, wonder will help us do that. Being in wonder goes beyond trust. We’re just there. Awestruck. Amazed. Open. We’ll be able to access that energy in abundance this month if we stay out of the past and focus on what’s moving in our lives. You may need a little courage (maybe a lot). But, as always, you’re safer in the flow than resisting it.

As the year comes to a close, let’s exhale and give thanks for what has been. The year may have been a struggle but you’re still here. I give thanks for that!

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