Keeping Vigil

Feb 27, 2022

We started the year with a chaotic energy. I’d like to say that has diminished but, in fact, it seems it’s just morphed into a different type of chaos.

We are on a journey. There’s no other way to say it. We’re on an evolutionary adventure and it’s not always going to be easy.

Real change, transformational change, requires internal shifts - shifts in perspective and how we feel about life and one another. Those changes don’t always come easily, and they don’t happen in everyone at the same time.

Those who’ve made the shift are left to hold space for those who’ve yet to realize the world has changed.

I had a thought recently that the last Mayan Calendar charted our exploration into individuation. That calendar ended ten years ago or so. My sense is that the next journey is our return to wholeness or unification. The moment we’re in right now is the crossover point of those two movements.

And, in my mind, that explains what we see in the world - those who are still clinging to individuation and separation. And those who are eager to explore global community. We are at the confluence of change.

This month, our challenge is to trust. It can be easy to get swept up in fear. The challenge is to hold steady. To know that what is playing out on the world stage is the struggle to shift from separation to unification. Who will we be? How will we behave? What will we do?

We’re in a year of 2’s – 2022. It’s all about partnerships, relationships, togetherness. Where in your life are you clinging to the armor that protects you but keeps you separate? What would it take to risk connection, trusting that even in rejection or disappointment you can handle it? And, who knows. The risk may pay off. You may just experience more love.

Being an Aries, I know that Mars energy is not just about war. It’s about being a warrior – strong and willing to face adversity. If we can’t be hands on to help in the battle that’s raging, we can play our part in holding the field where love prevails. Let’s become warriors for wholeness – together.

And let’s expect some miracles.

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