May 01, 2022

Calm. That’s the first word that came to me this month. Calm. Then came patience. Calm and patience. For anyone used to taking charge, this could be a challenging month. And that other difficult message from April still applies – trust.

So. Calm, patience and trust. Whew! Time to meditate and get that self-control going.

Keep in mind, timing is everything. And this “pause” we’re experiencing is about allowing all the broken pieces to be fully released. Only then can our lives be put back together in a transformative new way.

Best this month to focus on where the stability is in your life. Family, friends, job, home. Even if those things seem to be threatened in some way, look for the ways in which you are safe NOW. Remind yourself throughout the month that you are okay in this moment and tomorrow will take care of itself.

I am reminded that we’re in a year full of 2’s. 2022. What makes everything this year work is connections, relationships, partnerships, love. This month, think about how to solve problems by reaching out rather than going it alone. Think about finding comfort in connections. Answers in conversations. This is the frequency to live on this month and all will be well in the end.

This year, it’s also time to be true to yourself – to the relationship between the inner and outer you. Your inner self and your outer life. Integrity between the two is paramount this year. Bringing into alignment who you are with how you live, as we say in The Shift System, is key. If there’s stress in your life, this lack of alignment may be the source.

While we’re being calm and patient this month, it’s a good time to meditate on our life choices. Are we being true to ourselves? Honest with ourselves? Are we hurting ourselves in some way, either through self-criticism or how we care for our bodies, minds and heart? Are we making room for our creativity? Are we tolerating instead of addressing?

Though this month may not be conducive to making changes or implementing new ideas, re-considering how we want to live has the potential to be fruitful. This is a great time to consider what living in integrity looks like for you. Start by asking what’s out of integrity, then go from there.

Calm. Patience. Trust. We can do this. Need help? Call a friend!


Photo by Flavio Gasperini on Unsplash

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