Time to Dream Big

Jan 31, 2023

All aglow, is the phrase that came to me when I touched into the energy for February. A lightness and brightness, like all the worries of the world are lifted. And that’s a welcome change from the energy we’ve been experiencing over the past few years.

This month, expect a lightheartedness. Expect life to make it easier to be happy, to relax, to play, and to love. It’s as if someone’s opened the door to the cage and suddenly, we’re flying free.

Our hearts are especially chatty this month and that makes it a great to listen. What are you longing for? Hoping for? Wishing for? Listen to what your heart has to say. And it’s not enough to just think about it. Write it down. Create a vision board. Put words and images in front of you to remind yourself and make it real.

Some of you may be feeling a bit lost this month. We’ve been wandering in the unknown for a while now and it’s not that easy to step back into a new and different world. But we want things to be new and different. Not the same old, same old unsustainable world. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Anything’s possible. You just have to believe.

This month is also a great time for personal restoration. The energy is there to focus on restoring what we let go of over the last while. So, if it’s health, weight, appearance, money, love, whatever, now’s the time to start putting yourself back together but in a new and evolved way.

If you feel like you’ve been under a lot of pressure, now’s the time to break the cycle. Stop the worry. Ignite the joy. We create what we focus on so get that vision board going so you can focus on the next wonderful thing!

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