Jun 29, 2024

I’m happy to say the first word that came to me this month was relaxation. And what I got was that this month we’re supported in relaxing our grip aka letting go and letting Life. In so many words: We are not in charge of anything except allowing what wants to happen.

I feel myself relaxing even as I write these words.

Since July is a summer month, think of it as taking a vacation from your responsibilities. Obviously, we can’t completely drop everything and sit by the pool. But, this month, let’s see if we can trust a little more and worry a little less.

Too often I think everything is up to me. I’ve got to make it happen. I forget that there is a flow and Life is here to help.

Case in point, I wanted to rent my place out for a few months while I was working out of town. I thought the extra money could really help with my move overseas. Midway through the process, I started to worry that I might not get a renter. And then the anxiety set in. I was just about to create my “worst-case-scenario, backup budget” when I watched a clip on Instagram of author Simon Sinek talking about what happens when we focus on what we don’t want to happen versus what we do want to happen.

I realized I was focused on not getting a renter vs. getting a renter. So, I switched up my thinking. I started to picture a clear path to Italy with everything working out along the way.

Then I posted my rental on Zillow. And the next day there’s a knock at my door. It’s my neighbor. He saw my listing. He needed a bigger place and has now rented mine for the full term.

So many times, we start out with a grand idea. But then fear sets in and suddenly we’re focused on the worst thing that could happen instead of the best.

This month, Life encourages us to keep our goals and dreams alive by flipping worry and fear into ease and trust. To reinforce what we want by shifting what if (bad) to what if (good). And to encourage miracles by switching from “Oh, no” to “Hell, yes!”

We can have what we want. We just have to say YES!


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