This year is all about the pivot.

Let's make the shifts together!


INTUITIVE CALL, February 7, 5:30-6pm PT, 8:30-9pm ET

Jump in for a quick Zoom touch in about the month’s energy forecast then some coaching about how it matters in your life right now. Plus SPEED READING. Everyone gets to ask one personal question for guidance which I’ll be delighted to answer intuitively. BE SURE TO  REGISTER HERE to get Zoom link.

THE SHIFT SYSTEM is a 90-day group coaching program for transformational change and conscious living. We meet weekly for 12 weeks in our private Zoom room. This live coaching program is only offered three times per year. If you're looking for a container to shift some aspect of your life or to deepen your sense of centering day-to-day, check out TSS

Open enrollment is happening! Curious? Interested? Email Anna at [email protected] or CLICK HERE for more details.