Calling all lightworkers!

  • Do you long to step into heart-centered spiritual service work?
  • Do you have a spiritually oriented business or a desire to have one?
  • Would you like some experienced guidance to turn your dreams into action?

Welcome to the


Live Online October 13-15, 2023 (Recordings available.)

Please join Quantum Conversations host Lauren Galey and Coach Anna Francesca Celestino to learn how to break free from the 3D business mindset and step into 5D clarity and empowerment so you can share your gifts in integrity with the world.

Lauren and I will share our personal stories of how we transitioned from our 3D jobs to our own heart-based businesses by following our passion and joy.


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You'll learn...

  • How to overcome limiting beliefs around money and work so you can transition into your New Earth Service Role with confidence and skill. 
  • Discover how to unwind from limiting, self-sabotaging belief systems
  • How to Identify false Spiritual Beliefs you hold around Money and Business
  • Money Games to Shift Your Vibration around Money     
  • practical tools and systems to help you bring your 5D business to life.


INTUITIVE CALL, August 2, 5:30-6pm PT, 8:30-9pm ET

Jump in for a quick Zoom touch in about the month’s energy forecast then some coaching about how it matters in your life right now. Plus SPEED READING. Everyone gets to ask one personal question for guidance which I’ll be delighted to answer intuitively. BE SURE TO  REGISTER HERE to get Zoom link.