The Magic of Cycles

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As we phase out of winter and into spring, it's the perfect time to talk about cycles.


Cycles are something we rarely think about and yet they're woven throughout our lives. Moon phases, the phases of the day - morning, noon, night. Seasons. Birth through death. They're everywhere.

They also show up in more subtle ways like the beginning, middle and end of a project or relationship. How often do we fail to realize something is over and continue pouring energy into it long after we should let it go?

Wouldn't it be helpful to understand cycles so we could move more gracefully through them instead of struggling against them?

Understanding cycles helps you:

  • Know when to wait, when to take action, and when to let go
  • Tap into the power of Life by coming into sync with it
  • Fall into the flow of Life, letting go of the struggle and living more effortlessly

During our time together you'll...

  • Gain a greater understanding of cycles and how they work in your life
  • Learn how to spot where you are in a cycle to manifest with grace and ease
  • Develop more confidence in your decisions

If learning more about cycles has piqued your curiosity, I hope you'll join me. It promises to be a sweet time together.

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The Magic of Cycles

  • Thursday, March 16, 2023
  • 5-6pm Pacific...8-9pm Eastern
  • On Zoom
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Meet your host

Anna Francesca Celestino

Author and Intuitive Coach

Anna Celestino is author of the book Igniting Change and founder of The Shift System: A Coaching Program for Transformational Change. As a certified Life Coach and trained Shadow Work facilitator, she loves sharing practical spiritual tools to take the stress out and put the flow in. Anna spent 11 years in-residence studying consciousness and her spiritual guidance offers perspective and training for living a more meaningful life. Her personal mission is to live in harmony with Universal Laws, allowing the magic of Life to be present.