Are you ready to start living your beautifully unique life?


We know it can be  frustrating...

Having GIFTS to share and ways you want to LIVE.


Especially if you've read all the books, done all the workshops, watched all the videos and still aren't where you want to be.

Time to break the cycle!

We've got 3 paths to choose from.

And 20+ years of experience to help you get there FASTER and EASIER.

#1: Coaching

The Shift System: Structure, guidance and support to get clear and get moving!

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#2: Soul Work

Our Akashic program to clear the past and remember who you are at a soul level.

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#3: Shadow Work

Our unique system helps you function more fully and get more out of life.


Life is Change

After struggling in a life that felt like someone else’s, I knew I had to do something about it. What started as a quest to create a more authentic life for myself has turned into a system that has helped others step into lives they’ve been longing to live and show up in their lives more powerfully.

I'm so glad you're here.


Pick your path.

Whether your life just needs a tweak or a full upgrade...

we've got you covered. Start with THE TURNING - our 90-day group coaching program to GET CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT and TURN YOUR LIFE IN THAT DIRECTION. (Also available in an e-course.)

Love the new focus and direction? Keep going! We've got a YEAR LONG TRACK to help you do YOU! In addition to LIFE COACHING, you also get TRAINING to live a more CONSCIOUS LIFE. Aka less drama, more calm. Less confusion, more clarity. Less procrastination, more action. Check it out!

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Ready for a Mystical Adventure?

The Akashic Records are where everything that's ever been and everything that ever will be can be found. That's where we get our information for SOUL WORK. Want to clear a troublesome emotional pattern? We'll go to the original lifetime in which the issue began and clear it from there. Want to know more about your soul self? Your purpose? I can do it for you OR you check out our easy-to-follow AKASHIC CLASSES.

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Restoring Yourself to Wholeness

SHADOW is any part of ourselves we send into hiding when we were children due to deep sadness, anger, fear or shame. Our UNIQUE process works with four archetypes to show you how we're meant to function on all four cylinders. What happens when one archetype is wounded and offline. And how to re-wire back to WHOLENESS.

If you're hiding your light under a barrel, shying away from love, unable to draw boundaries or letting fear rule just to name a few, you're going to LOVE our Shadow Work Coaching. COMING SOON.

What People Say...


"Life changing. Brings more balance, direction and vitality to my life."

Loveland, CO


"One of the best things I've done for myself in a long time. I didn't know anything like this was possible."

Riverside, CA

Anne Beverly

"I've gotten more movement from this program in 90 days than I have from years of therapy."

Alexandria VA


"I'm so glad I decided to do this. It really was a game changer."

Minneapolis, MN

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